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Debre Marine Port

The Bulk Oil Storage and Trans...

Debre Marine Port

BOST as part of its mandate to facilitate the transportation of petroleum products throughout the country to its depots has adopted various strategic methods for the execution of this mandate.

In line with this mandate, the Government of Ghana through its agencies including BOST, VLTC, GOIL and others planned, developed and implemented the transport of petroleum products from TOR through APD to the Akosombo Depot

And by river barge on the Volta Lake to the Buipe depot, thereby ensuring that petroleum products would be transported to the northern part of the country using the cheapest means of transport available.

The route of petroleum product transfer however had a major deficiency especially during the dry season, when the Volta Lake reduces in volume , resulting in shallow draft that do not support navigation on the Volta lake about 50km to Buipe.

To make up for this deficiency, BOST developed the Debre Marine project to allow river barges to dock at Debre and the product transported from there to the Buipe Depot either by road or by pipeline during the dry season.

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